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Atrium Underwriters Limited Board Diversity Policy

Atrium Underwriters Limited Board Diversity Policy

1. Purpose

The Board Diversity Policy (‘the Policy’) sets out the approach to diversity on the Board of Directors (‘Board’) of Atrium Underwriters Ltd (‘AUL’).

2. Scope

The Policy applies to the AUL Board.

3. Policy Statement

AUL recognises the benefits of having a diverse Board, and sees diversity as important in maintaining good corporate governance and Board effectiveness. AUL is committed to engaging a broad set of qualities and competencies when recruiting the Board members. A diverse Board will include and make good use of differences in the skills, industry experience, background, personal attributes and other distinctions between Directors.

All Board appointments are made on merit, in the context of diversity of the skills, experience, independence and knowledge which the Board as a whole requires to be effective.

The Board aspires to maintain a balance so that female/male parity is the ultimate goal with a target to have 20% female representation on the Board by the end of 2023. The Board supports management's actions to increase the proportion of senior leadership roles held by women, and more broadly the aspiration to have a more diverse workforce, in particular at a senior level.

The Nomination Committee (‘the Committee’) reviews and assesses Board composition on behalf of the Board and recommends the appointment of new Directors. In reviewing Board composition, the Committee considers the benefits of all aspects of diversity including, but not limited to, those described above, in order to enable it to discharge its duties and responsibilities effectively.

In identifying suitable candidates for appointment to the Board the Committee will consider candidates on merit against objective criteria and with due regard for the benefits of diversity on the Board.

As part of the annual performance evaluation of the effectiveness of the Board, Board Committees and individual directors, the Board will consider the balance of skills, experience, independence and the diversity representation of the Board.

4. Effective Date and Review of the Policy

The Committee will review the Policy annually and will discuss any revisions that may be required and recommend any such revisions to the Board for approval.

Reviewed by the Nomination Committee on 6th September 2023 and approved by the Northshore Holdings Limited (NHL) and Atrium Underwriters Limited (AUL) Boards in October 2023.