Office life at Atrium.

Early careers

Start as you mean to go on

Starting a career in any financial service can be challenging – there’s a lot of technical terminology and complex concepts to get a handle on. Our programmes are there to help fast-track that process. They give people a strong foundation in the industry, so they can quickly grow in confidence and feel much more in control of where their career’s heading. 

Atrium Apprenticeships

Study and secure your first industry role

First and foremost, our apprenticeships are there to develop people we’ve already offered a role to. No fixed-term contracts – we let you study in a secure job with a fair salary.

Our most common qualifications on the scheme are the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) exams. Completing the programme takes three years and is the equivalent to achieving a degree, but, depending on your role, you can also choose to study up to a certain level.

The apprenticeship comes with a number of professional skills seminars too, including communication tips, excel training, presentation technique and much more. And you’ll have an internal coach throughout, helping you manage your workload and advising you along the way. 


The Atrium Development Programme

Soak it all up from some of the best in the business

Over 25 hours of lectures, our development programme provides our people with a comprehensive introduction to the business, Lloyd’s of London and the wider insurance market.

It gives you that solid industry grounding, and helps you quickly get to grips with how a business like ours operates and where your role and department fits into that picture. The programme culminates with a project, where participants team up to develop and present a proposal to the business.

Some of our c-suite level managers and senior underwriters facilitate the course, so you know you’re being developed by some of the most experienced people in the industry. The course has been so successful that we’re now getting to a stage where past participants are coming back around to teach it.

The Junior Business Planning Group

Sharpen your self-challenging skills

One of our values is to be self-challenging and our Junior Business Planning Group is an ideal place to hone that skill.

Younger members of the team get to present in a low-stakes environment and have their peers challenge their ideas and vice versa. It creates this healthy exchange of critical thinking, where they can bounce ideas off each other and build confidence in their area of expertise.

It also gets them up to speed with the wider business. They can make new connections outside of their team and understand the different departments that make up the whole beast.