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Emerging Risks in Marine Decarbonisation: Time to set sail

IMO ramps up decarbonisation rules

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) brought in new regulations for shipping companies at the start of 2023 to help drive down emissions across the industry. Not only is it heaping pressure on shipping firms to react, but it’s also putting the spotlight firmly on insurers.

What’s the best way forward for the insurance sector?

How do underwriters approach non-compliant vessels?

How do they balance reputational risks with commercial obligations?

Our whitepaper gives you a deep analysis of the latest decarbonisation rules – what they mean for both shipping companies and the marine insurance sector, plus our recommendations for how underwriters can act. 

This whitepaper is in partnership with Bayes Business School

Marine Claims Adjuster Andrew Mackenzie carried out extensive research on this topic as part of his Master of Science in Insurance and Risk Management at Bayes Business School.

As part of the process, Andrew carried out a total of 36 interviews between July and September 2023, including several lead underwriters and brokers within Lloyd’s and the London market, as well as some of their clients.

He also spoke to some of our partners at top London shipping and insurance law firms, barristers and two King’s Counsel.

This whitepaper is a summary of those conversations and Andrew’s own extensive research and deep market knowledge.

We hope you enjoy it.

Emerging Risks in Marine Decarbonisation: Time to set sail