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AUGold online binder management

AUGold delivers complex binders simply

AUGold is the online platform delivered by Atrium for the exclusive use and benefit of their Coverholder relationships, it provides full end to end processing, quote and policy production and automatic bordereaux outputs.

It supports a range of classes underwritten by Atrium and is available to support our underwriters develop or assist their clients grow their own businesses, whilst it can operate Worldwide it is predominantly utilised in the US, supported by the ARMS office.

The platform is able to directly feed data back into Coverholders internal systems and has been implemented to be accessible from many Coverholders own agent portals.

Following our 2013 user survey we received the following coverholder feedback

95% of respondents would recommend AUGold to a similar Industry colleague

“[We] consider the AUGold platform a key factor in our success over the past several years. “